At the 2018 Awards Night on Tuesday May 29, Richmond FC honored 9 new life members. The Board of Directors of Richmond FC (Club) shall have the ability and privilege to consider and award ‘The Honorary Life Membership Award’ to members for their meritorious service to the Club. ‘The Honorary Life Membership Award’ is the highest accolade and most prestigious award given to members for their ten – (10) years of contribution to the sport of soccer, administrative ability or significant ongoing assistance to the Club. Under exceptional circumstances ‘The Honorary Life Membership Award’ could also be bestowed upon an individual who has made a significant contribution to the success of Richmond FC or an associated organization over an extended period of time.

Congratulations to the following new life members:

Dougie Gordon (pictured below L to R with Mike Fletcher are Dougie’s family – Caitlin, Stephen & Cathy)









Doug Newstead (pictured below L to R are Mike Fletcher, Doug Newstead & Rein Weber)









Fari Fuladi (picture below L to R are Mike Fletcher, Fari Fuladi & Rein Weber)









Ken Glasspool (picture below L to R are Mike Fletcher, Ken Glasspool & Rein Weber)









Terry Dowle (picture below L to R are Mike Fletcher, Terry Dowle & Rein Weber)









Paul Lambranda (picture L to R are Mike Fletcher, Paul Lambranda & Rein Weber)









Rein Weber










The final honoree for life member was Indie Sahota who was unable to attend the Awards Night.