Welcome to registration for the 2021/2022 Fall-Winter Soccer Season!

Richmond FC is excited to open 2021/2022 Fall-Winter soccer program for all ages, U4 to U18 (2018-2004), Open and Advanced Development, girls and boys. Youth sport organizations across BC are optimistic that September 2021 will be a return to normal with regular practice sessions, weekend league games and most importantly family members cheering on the sidelines!!

Richmond FC offers two streams of programming for girls and boys in accordance with Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development:
1) U4-U18 Open Development (Recreational/Division 3)
2) U7-U18 Advanced Development (Competitive/Select) –  Competitive programming refers to teams made up of players selected by evaluations/”tryouts”, except U7-U10 which is open registration.

The soccer season for the Open Development program will start in September 2021, while the Advanced Development Program will start up in mid to late August. The Fall-Winter season runs to March 2022, with a winter break that aligns with the school break.

U4-U18 (2018-2004) OPEN DEVELOPMENT

CLICK HERE FOR OD Program Brochure

U4-U6 Active Start = $350
U7-U8 Fundamentals = $350
U9-U12 Learn to Train = $350
U13-U18 Division 3 = $375

U4-U18 OD registration closes July 31, 2021.

Specific scheduling information for Open Development will be posted as the Club receives field allocations from the City of Richmond.


CLICK HERE FOR AD Program Brochure

U7-U8 = $550
U9-U10 = $625
U11-U12 = $875
U13-U18 Div 1 & 2 = $650
U13-U18 Metro/new U13 Div 1 = $1050

As U11-U18 Advanced Development teams are chosen by evaluation and selection, a key code has been provided to those players invited to register for this program. Are you interested in being evaluated for a girls or boys U11-U18 Advanced Development team? Please send an email to admin@richmondfc.ca

U11-U18 AD registration closes June 30, 2021

U7-U10 AD registration closes July 31, 2021

Scheduling information for Advanced Development will be sent out to teams in mid to late August.