2012 McMath grad and Richmond FC alumni (moving to Fusion FC in his U18 season) Colin Jacques is making great strides in his recent move to Croatian football club  NK Rudeš located in the Zagreb neighbourhood of Rudeš.  NK Rudeš plays in the Druga HLN (the second highest football league in Croatia).

Following graduation in 2012, Jacques went on to two successful seasons with the Simon Fraser University men’s soccer team as well as playing for Croatia Soccer Club (Vancouver) in the VMSL who were eventual 2014 Provincial Champions in May.  Over the summer, Jacques decided to put a hold on his college career and accept the offer to play in Europe at NK Rudeš.

20 year old Jacques was featured in the Croatian sports newspaper Sportske Novosti (above back ground photo) after a recent NK Rudeš.  Below is a loose translation of the article provided by friends of the Jacques’ family.

Congratulations Colin – we wish you continued success!

Title: Canadian Jacques has shined with a full glow

In the introduction of the article there are some generalities about the game but then…

Young Colin Jacques was born on 6th of March 1994 in [Richmond] Vancouver and he enter
the match in the 51st minute and the next minute he scored the goal for 2:0 for the club he plays (football club Rudeš from Zagreb). In 85th minute he crown his play for the club by scoring his second goal for the final victory of his club in the match (3:0). It was his third goal for the team Rudeš this season.

In the interview he said: “I am very happy with this two goals which gave our team a comfortable victory over the rivals. We had a difficult half season but at the end everything turned out very good, although I think that
with the kind of playing we showed during the season we deserved even better placement in the rankings. In this occasion I also want to thank Antonijo Franja which made me and my countryman Paris our stay in Zagreb, which is very beautiful a very nice experience. Of course we are also very thankful to the management of the team Rudeš, which we have high regard of. We are also very thankful to the coach (Željko Sopić) and his assistant (Marko Loza) who taught us a lot in this short period. Also we want to thank the fans which accepted us as their own.

The break before the preparation period Colin and Paris will spend in their home town – [Richmond] Vancouver. We are eagerly awaiting our return home, but we are also very happy about our returning for the preparation period for the team Rudeš. I am hoping for further improvement of my game and for the better
placement of my team. His coach said for him that he is a professional from head to toe.