The 2021 AGM will take place on Tuesday May 25, 2021 at 7:00pm. The AGM will be conducted by Zoom Video-Conference and will be open to those Richmond FC members that are entitled to vote as defined in the Association’s By-Laws:

(a) the applicants for incorporation of the Society;
(b) members of the Board of Directors of the Association;
(c) Honorary Life Members;
(d) up to two persons per Team, one of whom may be the Coach of the team, and who are appointed by the Coach of the team to be the team representatives. (In accordance with the Constitution/Bylaws, all coaches were advised that team voting members must have been appointed by January 31, 2021).

**Please note that eligible members that are in section (d) above have already been notified via email with specific notation that they are “recognized as a member who is entitled to vote” and provided AGM attendance instructions.**

Notice of AGM

Constitution & Bylaws

Directors’ Reports, Auditor’s Report (Sanders, Russell and Company) and proposed budget will be available on the Richmond FC website before the meeting.

Call for Nominations – if you interested in running for election to the Board of Directors, please email Rein Weber at for further details.