It’s been an exciting week for Richmond FC. To start, we’ve received word that three former RFC players have been selected in Phase 2 of the selections for the BC Provincial Teams program. Our congratulations go out to:

John Joseph (Fusion U13)
Jonah Pang (Fusion U15)
Liam Robinson (Surrey United U16)

Congratulations are also due on the girls’ side, as several former Richmond players also made the Phase 2 selections in the PTP.

But there’s also reason to be proud of the success that our current players are enjoying. Richmond will be sending a total of eight teams to compete in the Provincial Championships, to be held July 3-6.

In the A Cup Provincials (Burnaby Lake), Richmond FC will be represented by:

U13 Richmond United (Dunham)
U14 Richmond United (Heroux)

Meanwhile, Richmond is host to the B Cup Provincials, and will be represented by:

U13 Richmond Athletics (Tillotson)
U14 Seair II (Zudanaisky)
U15 Lightning (Dowle)
U16 RC Athletics ’98 (Donald)
U17 Gunners (Hers)
U18 RC Athletics ’96 (Donald)

Richmond FC wishes all teams involved the very best of luck this coming weekend.

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