Image Credit: Richmond Adult Soccer League

The 2014/2015 Richmond Adult Soccer season has come to an end and The Grads have again had another successful year. For the first time, the RFC men’s soccer affiliates The Grads, had a team in each of Richmond’s Adult Soccer Association (RASA) divisions for a total of three teams. This accomplishment in itself is remarkable considering three years ago the club consisted of one team competing in the second division. The Grads is the only club in RASA that have a team playing in each division, and boasts over 55 players on its registration list.

The division 2 squad, The Freshmen, was the new addition to the club this year. During the tryout process in September, so many young players showed up and wanted to be a part of The Grads that we were able to add another team to our already rapidly growing club. For many Freshmen players it was their first time playing in an adult league, and with a bunch of new faces working together for the first time the team competed well in division 2. The future looks bright for this young squad as they began to have success in the later part of the season, and were simply a few posts and near misses away from deserving wins.

The division 1 squad, The Alumni, had an outstanding year considering the new challenges they faced. Last year finishing mid-table in division 2, The Alumni made the jump to division 1 and proved they belonged among the ranks of the top contenders. With an impressive goal differential of +17, and finishing two points shy of 2nd place, the team found its stride in just its second season. The Alumni proved their might by beating the first place team 2 – 0 in a commanding win during the Challenge Cup playoffs.

The premier squad, The Graduates, demonstrated they deserve to be considered one of RASA’s strongest teams. It was the first season The Graduates competed in the premier division, and after a long injury plagued season, the team secured a spot in 3rd place. Scoring an impressive 52 goals, only the league winners the Athletics, were able to net more goals throughout the season. The Graduates are expecting to make a push for the league title next year and are excited to see what this team will be able to accomplish in the years to come.

The Grads success would not be possible without the hard work of its management staff. Mike Rubinstein and Mark Fletcher spent hours each week coaching all three teams. The club would simply not be the same without these two dedicated and passionate coaches.

The Grads look forward to showcasing our ability to compete in all three divisions. We have already made our mark within RASA in just three short years, and will continue to build a club with a lasting legacy.

Congratulations to Owen Sinclair (12), John Madazli (12), Brett Livingstone (9) and Graeme Martin-Muir (6) – all of The Graduates – who finished in the Top 10 goal scorers of the Premier Division.

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