In Richmond FC’s plans to deliver high-quality programming to both boys and girls, Even Pellerud will be joining as an advisor to executive director Marius Roevde. In this capacity, Pellerud will be advising Roevde on the design of both boys and girls programs as well as help guide and support the development of Richmond FC coaching staff.

“We said we had some big things planned when I arrived, but I don’t think anyone understood how big,” said Roevde. “When I explained what we’re planning to do in Richmond, to build a grassroots club that can become as well run and successful as youth clubs in Europe, to offer high level programming to every child who wants it, to work with schools and bring in girls programming, to offer programs regardless of skill, I meant it – and Even was only too happy to help with that vision.”

Pellerud coached the Canadian women’s national team for a decade, getting them to a fourth-place finish in the FIFA 2003 Women’s World Cup. He also led the women’s national team of Trinidad and Tobago recently. In 1995, he steered the national women’s team of his native Norway to victory in the Women’s World Cup.

The news follows last week’s announcement that Pellerud’s former assistant coach for Team Canada, goalkeeping specialist Marius Roevde, has taken a new role with Richmond FC as executive director.