Richmond FC is pleased to announce that the new artificial turf fields at Minoru – Minoru 2, Minoru 3 and Minoru Mini are now open for play.  This is in addition to the already existing Minoru Oval Stadium.

Thank-you to the City of Richmond for all their hard work and diligence in creating a new multi-sport field complex. In addition to two (2) 11-aside soccer fields and five (5) 8-aside fields – there is now one baseball AT field (Latrace field), two (2) field lacrosse fields, two (2) 11-aside field hockey fields and two (2) 8-aside field hockey fields.


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REMINDER OF AT FIELD RULES (Provided by City of Richmond)


In addition to the above, the following conditions specific to using the artificial turf must be adhered to at all times:

No food or beverages except water

No gum, sunflower seeds, or tobacco products

No pets

No portable practice nets (without prior approval)

Footwear: A wide variety of footwear may be used effectively; soccer shoes, multi-cleat shoes, turf shoes and runners. No metal cleats or track spikes are permitted.

Spectators: All spectators must remain outside the fenced area. The playing field and sidelines are for players, coaches, officials and medical personnel only.


It is important to note that while the fields are now open for play and that the Richmond FC will be moving a lot of programming over to the new Minoru, construction is still very active in the area and parking restrictions are still in place.

Please see the below note from the City of Richmond, Parks and Recreation Department:

Access will ONLY be available thru the East side of Minoru 3/Latrace field from the north and south side of the caretaker’s building.

Players and spectators entering from the north field (Minoru 2) will need to walk along the construction fence and walk around the caretaker’s building and the portable change rooms.

Note:   Minoru 3/Latrace Diamond field is still a construction zone and deficiencies repairs are in progress for several weeks.  Chainlink fencing around the perimeter of the new field is not fully secured in several sections (specifically around the baseball backstop area) so players will need to play with caution until this area has been completed.   The new parking lot, tennis courts and central corridor pathway will not be accessible to the public at this time due to outstanding items that needs to be resolved.   Parking in the Gateway Theatre is paid parking, the lot is being patrolled, so please pay if parking there.

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